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Utilizing the latest in Artificial Intelligence to improve productivity

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Hire any professional based on your budget, expertise and location

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Get a custom software/ app/ website exactly how you define it

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Make money with us either as an individual professional or a company

The future is clearly visible with the tools at our disposal

Artifical Intelligence

AI-driven solutions reduce errors and optimize resource allocation, resulting in cost savings for businesses


DevOps practices enable faster software releases, ensuring clients receive up-to-date and improved applications regularly

Cloud Computing

Access data and applications from anywhere with an internet connection, promoting flexibility and remote work capabilities

Databases & Backup

Benefit from faster data retrieval, storage optimization, and streamlined data maintenance for operational efficiency

Data Analysis

Gain a competitive edge by identifying trends, customer preferences, and market opportunities

We leverage on existing technologies and push them to their extreme capabilities to create wonders

Spring Boot
Ruby on Rails
Vue Js
Node JS

A silver bullet that will keep all your technical nightmares to sleep

Produce results in the next board meeting with effecient, predictable and reliable tools that work together with your creativity and plans

Manual / traditional methods

Time wastage (Manual calculations, Manual retrieval of files, Poor file organization, etc)

Unavoidable errors (Calculation errors, Misplaced data, Unlabled data, etc)

Data loss (Stolen data, Unrecorded data, Deleting data accidentally with no back up, etc)

Leakages (Unauthorized access to sensitive materials, No proper security measures, etc)

Wrong and misleading analysis / reports (Incorrect data, Fabricated data, Missing data, etc)

Limited ability (Without some form of specialized software for your business in the 21st Century its higly unlikely to beat your competitors)

Computerized / modern methods

Efficient and consistent execution of repetitive tasks (Time saved, Accuracy optimized)

Automated, sophisticated and proper Logistics (Well structured data / resources and detailed information about their movements)

Automated backups for both vulnerable and general materials to secure cloud or remote servers

A proper logic put in place to manage user sessions, roles and permissions granted, log history, etc

Proper data handling linked to involved projects, timestamps, similar projects, involved people, etc

Exceptional Status (With appropriate softwares, a business will have capabilities to be at the lead in every sector and set the standards for others)

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Previous year -> 41

Softwares made or inspired by Flexx Acquisition
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Previous month -> 996

Verified & available professionals
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Yesterday -> 51

Successfully hired professionals & talent
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Yesterday -> 58

Client requests for various professionals
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Previous week -> 60.62%

Average positive ratings from 10 random clients

Our achievements so far with available frameworks

Elevated the IOS Mobile Experience

Harnessed Kotlin's full potential to Enhance the Android user experience

Achieved Intelligent Innovation, Deep Learning with Java

Built Chat Apps with React for real-time connections

Revolutionized E-commerce with Ruby on Rails

Crafted Modern Interfaces with Angular

Developed Powerful Point of Sale Systems Using C#

Secured databases with PHP and MySQL

Streamlined Embedded Systems Development with C++

Revolutionized Logistics with Rust

How do you ensure the security of software applications you develop

Security is a top priority for us. We follow industry best practices, conduct regular security audits, perform code reviews, and use encryption and authentication mechanisms to protect against vulnerabilities and threats.

Can you describe your software development process and methodologies?

We follow an agile development methodology, emphasizing iterative development and collaboration with clients. Our process includes requirements gathering, design, development, testing, and continuous feedback to ensure we meet client expectations.

What programming languages and technologies do you specialize in?

We have expertise in a range of programming languages and technologies including Java, Kotlin, C, C++, Python, PHP, JavaScript etc and their respective frameworks. We also deal with cloud platforms like AWS and Azure. We choose the best stack for each project based on client needs.

Can you provide examples of successful software projects you've completed in the past?

Certainly, we've successfully delivered projects ranging from custom web applications to mobile apps and complex enterprise software solutions. We can share case studies and references to demonstrate our capabilities.

How do you handle maintenance and support for software after it's deployed?

We offer ongoing maintenance and support services, including updates, bug fixes, and technical assistance. Our aim is to ensure that the software remains secure and performs optimally throughout its lifecycle.

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Below are the top five most requested professionals at Flexx Acquisition during the previous week, between June 9, 2024 and June 15, 2024
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"The custom software solution they delivered transformed our business. It's user-friendly, scalable, and has given us a competitive edge in our industry."

- Brenda, Sales Manager

"Working as a developer with this company has been fantastic. Their commitment to quality and innovation in custom software development is unmatched. I'm proud to be a part of their team."

- Byron, Software Developer

"Our experience with this company was exceptional. They created a custom software solution that perfectly addressed our needs, and their team's expertise shone throughout the project.""

- Mark, CEO, Frontier LLC"

"The custom software they designed streamlined our operations and increased efficiency. We couldn't be happier with the results.""

- Lisa, COO, Orange County Publishing

"Flexx Acquisition Technologies has introduced me to many clients since I joined them in 2021, they are very professional and I look foward sharing my expertise globally"

- Sandra, Professional

"I have interacted with several software development teams, but this company's commitment to crafting tailored solutions for clients is remarkable. They clearly did not come here to play. It's a pleasure to contribute to their success."

- Jessica, Founder, London Advocates Institute

"Indeed Flexx has set the standards very high, they finished a logistics software that had been bothering us for 3 months in 3 weeks! Just WOW!"

- Fiona, Founder, Fresh Picks, New York